A Journey to The Chakras at
Matsya Yoga - Vienna

A journey through the Chakras is a transformational journey towards self-discovery. Each of these energy centers represents a unique aspect of your being, and by exploring and balancing them, you can unlock new levels of vitality, creativity, and spiritual growth. In this course, you will discover new and surprising perspectives on these ancient centers, perspectives that will deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.  This course is suitable for advanced practitioners or a complete beginners, it is eligible for 30h of YOGA ALLINACE continuing education - YACEP

Upcoming Training Dates:

Starting Monday on a bi-monthly basis.


Just contact the studio in the form below for the next scheduled date!

Where will this Yoga Workshop be Held?

The Yoga training will be held at the Matsya Yoga Studio located in Florianigasse 16, 1080 Vienna, Austria. Alternatively, it may take place abroad (as indicated above). Should you need accommodations, we can arrange them for you as long as there are still spots free in the Academy.

The training will be conducted intensively over five days during the week, starting on Monday and ending on Friday evening.

The training fee is 800 Euros with accommodation and 600 Euros without accommodation at the Studio.

All learning materials are included in the fee


What is Special About this Yoga Training ?

History and Philosophy

This yoga training is a unique journey of discovery into the Chakras, their history, and also their traditional references like the Sat Chakra Nirupanana and the Manthana Bahirava Tantra. Our aim is to understand the original meaning of the Chakras and their significance in the practice of yoga.

By understanding their philosophical source, we can better understand their scope and transformative magic.


Experience and Practice

Although the Chakras are centers that reside within our inner perception, we will go beyond just theoretical knowledge and dive deep into the experience of the Chakras through guided practices, meditations, and exercises. We will also explore the symbolism and significance of Yantras, powerful geometric shapes associated with each Chakra.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner, this training offers a new and profound perspective on the Chakras. Our beautiful yoga studio in Vienna provides the perfect space for practicing, drawing, and contemplating the Chakras.

Join us on this special journey of discovery into the magic of the Chakras.

YACEP and Daily Schedule


08:00–09:00  Kundalini Sadhana


09:30–12:15  Theory

12:30–13:30  Hatha Yoga


18:30–20:00  Evening Class

Distribution 30 h YACEP:


Techniques & Practice: 9h

Teaching Methodology: 2h

Yogic Anatomy: 5h

History & Philosophy: 6h

Philosophy - home readings: 8h

What will we do in this Yoga Workshop?

During this yoga retreat, you will gain knowledge and experience on a variety of topics, including the history and philosophy of Yoga and Tantra, Kundalini, Prana, and Kosha. You will also delve into the science of the Chakras, exploring their history, meaning, and importance, and focusing on the 7 Chakras of the Kaubjika Tradition.

You will practice chosen Asanas, Mudras, Bandhas, Pranayamas, and Meditations, as well as Bijas.


You will also receive: 

  • A Journey through the Chakras - 30h Yoga Alliance Diploma.
  • A Yogaji version of our Chakras Script.
  • A Matsya version of The Yoga Kundalini Upanishad.
  • A Matsya version of Sat Chakra Nirupana.
  • A Matsya Version of The Shiva Samhita.

More Infos

Skript - Table of Contents
Here we offer a brief look into the table of contents of the course handbook

Questions? Simply write us!


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