Journey to the soul of this special yoga.

These books by Clemens Immanuel Biedrawa aim to illuminate the heart, just as it is. Dive in and enjoy. Let yourself be enchanted by the spirit of yoga. They are available in English, German, French and Spanish as a ebooks, and also in print

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The scripts for the 300h/200h yoga training are now also available for you!

These beautiful scripts for our 200h and 300h yoga trainings are there for you, regardless of whether you are participating in a Yoga Teacher Training in Vienna in English or not.

Here, you will explore the history, philosophy, and practice of yoga in light of its historical sources and spiritual heritage.

We choose this path not to dig in the ashes of the past but because we are searching for the fire hidden within. The goal of any exploration, whether in the past or present, should always be to rejuvenate the body, heart, and spirit. For what is now ash, aspires to be fire once again.

In these books, you will delve not only into the practice but also into the yogic mysticism and its history.


In our yoga training in Vienna, our students receive these scripts along with additional important classical texts of yoga.

Numerous Kriyas and Classes for your own practice.

In Kriyas and Classes we provide the reader with an abundance of resources to enrich their yoga practice. In addition to the informative text, the book includes access to a wide range of illustrated Hatha Yoga classes and Kundalini Yoga kriyas. These classes and kriyas have been specially designed to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for sincere practitioners of yoga.


Each class in the book has been crafted with a specific focus on certain chakras or pranas, or to offer inspiration for daily Sadhana. Each class shall be a special journey inward, allowing the reader to connect with their inner self and deepen their understanding of the practice.


These classes can be easily integrated into any Hatha Yoga class, making this book a versatile resource for both yoga teachers and students. With its wealth of illustrated classes and Kundalini Yoga kriyas, this book is sure to enrich and to deepen your practice.