Who We Are

Yoga is a profound practice that requires both dedication and guidance in order to truly unlock its full potential. While there are many resources available for learning yoga, nothing can quite compare to the guidance of an experienced teacher who has dedicated themselves to the practice of yoga for years.

Whether it's Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, or Feldenkrais – guidance from a teacher helps you to truly dive into your yoga practice. So get to know us, and become part of the family.

Lead Trainer

Clemens Biedrawa E-RYT500

Clemens Biedrawa is an experienced yoga teacher who breathes yoga.

With a deep understanding of various yoga traditions, he has completed trainings in Kundalini and classical Hatha yoga. He learned Kundalini yoga from Dhirendra Brahmachari in Europe and Swami Stayananda in India, and has studied tantric traditions with Mark S. G. Dyczkowski. He also completed a training in Hatha and Kundalini yoga from Swami Vidyanand. Clemens is a follower of the integral philosophy of Shri Aurobindo, and is a true lover of life and yoga.

Since 2017, Clemens has been designing and leading yoga teacher trainings, and he founded the Matsya Yoga Academy.


"The magic unfolds when you allow yourself to discover the space beyond the known. The world is much more than the known - a present for you.

Dance beyond that border, fearless, leaving behind what you already know, in order to find what cannot be, yet is always and everywhere known"

Brilliant Trainer

Nora Sells RYT200

Nora creates a magical, energetic, dynamic, and deep yoga practice suitable for all levels.


She offers courses for both beginners and advanced practitioners, which activate and balance the body and mind. In her classes, you'll discover the invigorating power of Kundalini yoga in an energetic and meditative way. Mantras, pranayama (breathing exercises), and dynamic asanas take you beyond your imagination, while music helps you to dive even deeper.


Nora is not just a yoga teacher, but also a philosopher, magician, and role model for everyone with a quest for truth.


Feldenkrais Magierin


Anne is a highly skilled practitioner of Feldenkrais, a yoga teacher, and a musician. She is also a professional musician who turned to Feldenkrais and yoga to heal chronic physical ailments and relieve mental stress.


Anne has a deep and radiant personality and can guide you through an inner journey within your own body and consciousness.


Feldenkrais is an excellent complement to yoga as it helps to awaken the mind-body connection and supports the energizing effects of yoga. Together, they can help you achieve a deeper level of physical and mental awareness.

Connecting Trainer

Oddelia RYT200

I have been teaching and practicing for 10 years all over the world - Israel, India, and Tyrol.

I work with people of all types and practice at all levels because I believe that yoga is for everyone and with the help of perseverance and practice anyone can improve in the physical positions and reach spiritual peace. 

I advocate a professional practice that is attentive to the body.


In my class we will practice Traditional Hatha yoga for all levels – advances and intermediate postures with modification options. 

We will practice traditional asanas, And we will learn their foundation.

focused hatha stillness and apply deeper understanding which will help us to improve each posture, build strength, connect to our core and upgrade balance and flexibility.


Creative Trainer

Jolyane, RYT200

Jolyane Langlois is a professional dancer and movement therapist currently living and working in Vienna. She began practicing various forms of yoga 7 years ago and eventually fell in love with Kundalini Yoga in 2017.

She completed a Kundalini & Hatha Yoga teacher training at the Matsya Yoga Academy in Vienna and is excited to share this precious gift and the transformative powers contained within her practice. Jolyane cultivates curiosity and compassion for herself and the world around her through Kundalini Yoga, enabling her to share this gift with others.

"I practice finding comfort in times of discomfort in order to maintain inner peace. I find expansiveness in my mind and body, which brings clarity and truth. As an explorer of the expanses of consciousness, I invite you to join me in a radiant dance. May your heart dance!"

Spiritual Trainer

Maciej, RYT200

I'm 32 and have been a yogi 🧘🏼‍♂️ for the past 3 years, on a quest to discover what real truth feels like. I'm excited to share the different shades of light that life offers us — the kinds of happiness and joy that make any hurdle seem like a cakewalk.


My hope is to share insights that help us recognize the beauty within ourselves, setting an example for who we can really be.


Let's work together to make the world a better place.

Time to bring a little slice of heaven down to Earth!


Namaste 🙏

Etherical Trainer

Maelita RYT200

Melita is a creative soul who has explored various forms of yoga, philosophy and body awareness methods over the years.

Her thirst for spiritual knowledge led her to deepen her practice and complete the RYT200 Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Matsya Yoga Academy in Vienna.

Intuitive, deep and insightful, Melita embodies the magic of acceptance, imperfection, and playfulness to guide curious souls in a gentle and caring experience through deep breath and movement.

“Let’s be perfectly imperfect – together”

Loving Trainer

Nadja KRY200h

Nadja is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor who has been on a journey of self-discovery through yoga since 2009.

She's passionate about mantras, dynamic movements, comprehensive breathwork, and Bhandas, seeing them all as elements of a holistic practice. This approach helps to achieve a more balanced life by allowing Kundalini, the life force energy, to flow freely.


Her yoga sessions are structured to include centering at the beginning, followed by a series of loosening exercises, a mix of contemplative and intensive postures, and a deep relaxation session at the end. This relaxation phase allows for the full effects of the session's movements to be felt.

Meditation is practiced both during and after postures, and if time permits, following the relaxation period. Her approach to Kundalini Yoga is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.


Namaste! 🙏

Für Dich. Großartige Musik, um einfach zu sein ;-)


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