DOWNLOADS - Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Hatha Yoga Classes

These downloads are a small gift for all seekers and yogis. Included are an introduction to Kriyas and Pranayama, as well as various Kriyas that can serve as a bridge to your own inner experience. Feel free to play with them, integrate them into your practice, or simply be inspired by the illustrations!

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An Introduction to Kriya:

A Kriya is that action that unleashes the universal power of action, also known as kriyashakti. In the philosophy of yoga, kriya yoga is the first step towards achieving this goal. The unlimited cosmic energy, Kundalini, which represents our expanded potential, is blocked due to the absence of kriyashakti, the universal power of action.


The awakening of this power is the first step towards liberation and the realization of our full potential. 

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Energy Unblock Exercises – Shakti Bandha Vyayama

This remarkable series was first introduced to the Western world by the esteemed teacher Swami Satyananda. It is a part of sukshma vyayama, the subtle yogic exercises.


The pavanamuktasana series focuses on the flow of energy, examining how vitality can be stimulated and channeled toward the core. This sequence significantly activates apana prana as well, the energy circulating through the hips, abdomen, and legs. Apana prana fosters the will to live, self-confidence, digestion, and sexual vitality. The series is particularly intriguing as it not only enhances the overall flow of energy but also redirects it to the foundation, promoting essential warmth, confidence, and strength.


The way I present this series here is aligned with how we practice it in our Kundalini Yoga tradition. Embrace its beauty!


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Muladhara Kriya

Muladhara Kriya is an action designed to awaken Muladhara, which is the foundation of life. It is the golden fire of one's presence, and it represents the basic strength and vitality of all of us. From here we are, from here the power behind every action flows.


The practice is recommended to be performed for 60-90 minutes, with easy breathing pauses between the exercises. 

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Dear Yogi. These Kriyas and Texts are completely free for private use,

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Integrate, modify, or expand upon these exercise sets within your Hatha classes, allowing them to continually rejuvenate and enliven your teachings. For it is only when your practice and understanding remain vibrant and novel that it can truly serve others, bearing fruit in their lives.

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