A Journey to Original Kundalini Yoga in Matsya Yoga - Vienna

Join the great yoga teacher Rainer Neyer in experiencing the gentle Kundalini Yoga from the tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari. This Kundalini Yoga is pure, ascetic, clear, and beautiful. Come with us on this special journey and take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn original Kundalini Yoga in Vienna!

This yoga course is suitable for both advanced practitioners and beginners and can be recognized as a YOGA ALLIANCE continuing education with a scope of 20 hours YACEP.

Next Dates:

Friday 05.04 - Sunday 07.04.2024  (April)

Friday 31.05 - Sunday 02.06.2024  (March/June)

- im Matsya Yoga Studio

Original Yoga – Where and How?


Come to us for a unique opportunity to experience original Kundalini Yoga at our Matsya Studio in Vienna. This yoga workshop is a rare chance all over Europe to immerse yourself in this beautiful, and ascetic practice from the tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari.

This yoga course will take place over three days on a weekend, starting on Friday evening and ending on Sunday noon. While Friday morning and noon classes are not mandatory, you're welcome to attend them as part of the workshop.


Course Fee and Payment:

The training fees for the whole weekend are 160 Euros. If you prefer to attend only on Saturday the fee is 80 Euros. For Friday evening only, the fee is 40 Euros.

Please note that there are limited spots available, so to secure your place, the course fee must be paid in advance.

Payment Information: Clemens Biedrawa IBAN: AT421200051478061601 BIC: BKAUATWW

What is Special about this Yoga Workshop

This exploration of Kundalini Yoga is an exceptional opportunity to learn directly from the pure tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari, a true yogi and the almost unknown founder of what we today know as Kundalini Yoga

The teachings and practices of this lineage are pure, authentic, and imparted with a deep sense of dedication to the yogic path.


During this workshop, you will be introduced to a wide range of techniques and practices that are essential to Kundalini Yoga. These include the Yogic-Sukshma Vyayama, a set of preparatory exercises that help energize the subtle body. You will also learn different types of breathing techniques such as Bhastrika and Ajagari, which are used to boost the energy flow in the body and calm the mind.

In this yoga course we will also cover the various Bandhas, Mudras, and Asanas of ancient Kundalini Yoga, each with its unique benefits for the body and mind. These practices help to awaken energy within, and bring us closer to the union with universal consciousness.


What makes this yoga training truly special is the opportunity to learn from Rainer Neyer, an experienced and dedicated Kundalini Yoga teacher. With his guidance, you will deepen your understanding of the practices and receive strenght to progress on your yogic journey.

YACEP and Daily Schedule



18:00 - 21:00 Evening class - Kundalini



09:00 Orginal Kundalini Yoga

12:00 Lunch break

14:00 Orginal Kundalini Yoga

17:00 Afternoon break



09:00 Orginal Kundalini Yoga

12:00 Lunch break

Distribution 20 h YACEP:


Techniques & Practice: 10h

Teaching Methodology: 1h

Yogic Anatomy: 1h

History & Philosophy: 2h

Philosophy - home readings: 6h

 - Yoga Yajnavalkya - 

“Kundalini is awakened during the practice of Yoga by the Apana Prana along with the fire, throbbing, shining brightly in the form of a snake in the internal space. Then the Prana is blown bright by Agni and it goes into the Sushumna.”

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