Get Your Training Subsidized!

Matsya Yoga is certified by Wien-Cert, making it an institution in adult education with the highest quality standards.

Our trainings can be subsidized by Waff. Funding through the AMS is also possible as part of an educational leave.

Why and Who Can Subsidize My Yoga Training?

Matsya Yoga is certified by Wien-Cert, thus it's an institution in adult education maintaining the highest quality standards.

Compliance with these standards is also regularly verified externally.

Matsya Yoga is therefore recognized as an educational provider by WAFF and funding agencies throughout Austria, especially those representing the interests of employees across the country.

This gives you the rare opportunity to have your Yoga teacher training subsidized with us, even as part of an educational leave.

Subsidy through Waff with the "Bildungskonto"

Who is Eligible for Funding?

The prerequisite for funding is that you earn no more than 2,500 euros net per month. You can then apply for funding if these conditions are met:

  • Employment according to ASVG
  • On educational leave or part-time education
  • On parental leave or hospice care leave
  • New self-employed (Neue Selbstständige), insured according to the "Gewerblichen Sozialversicherungs-Gesetz" (according to § 2 (1) Zif. 4 GSVG)

Important: At the time of application, the main residence must be in Vienna (registration confirmation).


Funding Amount:

The funding amount for our Yoga Teacher Trainings in Vienna depends on your net income as follows:

50% of the course costs (Net income up to 1,800 euros)
40% of the course costs (Net income up to 2,200 euros)
30% of the course costs (Net income up to 2,500 euros)

Yoga Teacher Training Funding through the AMS

Individuals registered with the Employment Service (AMS) have the opportunity to request a cost estimate and a course description from us. These documents can then be discussed with their personal advisor at the AMS.


Participants in the AMS's business start-up program (Unternehmensgründungsprogramm) who are aiming for a career as a Yoga teacher can often receive full funding for the training through the AMS.


Upon request, we are happy to issue all necessary documents that need to be submitted for AMS consultation.

Questions? Simply write us!