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These free Kundalini and Hatha Yoga classes and kriyas are a wonderful gift for all who are searching for inspiration and deepening of their practice. We are delighted to share them with you and create a bridge to your inner experience.

These downloads are designed so that you can playfully integrate them into your own practice!

With a wealth of exercises compiled by experienced yoga teachers, these yoga classes and yoga kriyas offer you a great opportunity to expand and enrich your practice.

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An Introduction to Kriya

A Kriya is a yogic exercise that awakens the universal power of action, also known as kriyashakti.

In the philosophy of yoga, kriya yoga is the first step towards achieving this goal. The unlimited cosmic energy, Kundalini, which represents our expanded potential, is blocked due to the absence of kriyashakti, the universal power of action.


The awakening of this power is the first step towards liberation and the realization of our full potential. 

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Muladhara Kriya

Muladhara Kriya is an action designed to awaken Muladhara, which is the foundation of life. It is the golden fire of one's presence, and it represents the basic strength and vitality of all of us. From here we are, from here the power behind every action flows.


The practice is recommended to be performed for 60-90 minutes, with easy breathing pauses between the exercises. 

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Svadhisthāna Kriya

Svadhistana is associated with vitality, movement, emotion, and love. The more these waters are stirred, the stronger the spiritual striving becomes. This Kundalini Yoga Kriya can infuse life and remove blockages, promoting overall well-being.


Our Svadhistana yoga class is designed to last between 60-90 minutes,

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Manipūra Kriyā

This Yoga Kriya is designed to strengthen the center, the source of all power and direction. The vital breath within this center is what holds the point and guides the way. Through this practice, you will experience purification and cleansing of every pore in your body.


Duration: 60-90 minutes.

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Anāhata Kriyā

Anahata is the seat of the unstruck sound, the eternal flame that burns within us all. It is the place where we can find peace and joy, where we can feel truly at home.

This chakra represents the center of our being, and it is here that we can connect with our true purpose and reason for living. By celebrating this place, we can learn to embrace life more fully, and to connect with the world around us in a meaningful way.


During this 60-90 minute kriya, we will focus on Anahata chakra.

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Viśuddha Kriyā

Visuddha represents spaciousness, like the top of a mountain where everything is surrounded by the sky. The sky is pure and vast, resembling a crystal made of light. It represents superiority and freedom. Allow yourself to be this clarity and expand your awareness. Let go of any limitations and open yourself to the infinite universe.

This yoga kriya is designed to expand Visuddha chakra. During that exercise focus on freedom as freedom is your natural state of being. 

The recommended duration for this kriya is 60-90 minutes

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Ājñā Kriyā

Ajna is the center of command. It's not just the place where one commands their own being, but also where one receives the command of the supreme. This command is the purpose of your existence.


Engaging in meditative contemplation about your true mission in life is thus the greatest Kriya of the command (ajna). By doing so, you can tap into your inner wisdom and align your being with your higher purpose.


60-90 minutes.

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Pavanmuktasana I

The way that this pavanamuktasana is presented here may differ from the original teachings of Satyananda. In our Kundalini Yoga tradition, we have adapted this series to suit our specific goals.

This anti-rheumatic series is not just a simple set of exercises to alleviate joint pain; it is a highly dynamic and energetic series that can help break through energy blockages and stimulate the flow of spinal fluid. The asanas and mudras in this series are designed to stimulate the pranic energy in the body, which can lead to a deeper level of awareness and consciousness expansion.

This series also has powerful healing properties for the mind and body, as it can help release emotional and mental tension stored in the body, and bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the practitioner.


Take yourself about 60-90 Minutes of time.

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The Mother´s Purification Sadhana 

This Kriya sadhana is designed to connect you to the energy of the Divine Mother, in a gentle and loving way. It should be practiced with devotion, and when done so, it will envelop you with the warm hand of your ever-expanding being.

This practice will not only calm you, but also accelerate your healing processes and bring balance to your mind.


60 Minutes

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Pavanmuktasana II - Abdominal Series

The transformation from the lower triangle to the higher starts with the belly. When the diaphragm is open, the energy from the lower centers can rise to the heart. This makes it crucial for success in yoga.

The diaphragm, if closed, can hinder progress. This exercise, though easy, is advanced and powerful.

This Yoga Kriya will grant you the strength to radiate and elevate yourself effortlessly.

Approximately 60 minutes.

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A Tantric Opening

This opening dance with sound can be practiced at the beginning of each class.

It is a form of worshiping the Goddess as the energy of the six chakras, moving them through your being. This practice was passed down to me by my friend and teacher Rainer Neyer from the lineage of Dhirendra Brahmachari.

It's a beautiful way to connect with the divine energy and set the tone for your practice.

Approximately 10 minutes.

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These great classes and Kriyas are completely free for private use, If you want to use it otherwise

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Every yoga class you will find inside this book is a vast journey.

A journey through the wonderland of your own consciousness. Embrace this journey into the vibrant world of Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, as we gently uncover its techniques and trace its roots to the timeless Hatha tradition.


Integrate, modify, or expand upon these exercise sets within your Hatha classes, allowing them to continually rejuvenate and enliven your teachings. For it is only when your practice and understanding remain vibrant and novel that it can truly serve others, bearing fruit in their lives.

Embody this practice with heart.


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