Full Moon Classes in the Studio!

Welcome great yogis !

The moon is the door to the inner world, the door of dreams and desires. It is also the door to find peace with ones self, oneness with ones dreams, when we find peace with our dreams we can transform nightmares into sweet visions, and our inner division can find healing.

Destructive desire arises because we are divided within ourselves, usually when we fear or want something badly, it is simply because we do not know what that thing actually is, our ignorance makes us fear or want, in the light of knowledge all things are the way they are, death is death, gain is gain, love is love and pain is pain, there is no need to run away from anytning.

All things are truth and in this way perfect.

Meditating on the moon helps us to find unity with what we are, unity between our dreams and reality. Finding home in reality and in this way finally peace.
Therefore, each month we give a special class, the salutation to the moon, a bath in nectar, sound and love. These classes will be themed abound the moon and its refreshing rays.

Around full moon you will find these classes on Eversports, book or sinmply come by, we will be very happy to welcome you!Join us on this rejuvenating journey!
Yours, Clemens