Discover the Essence of Kundalini Yoga and Shiva Sutras in Vienna

New hights in Yoga... Dive into the heart of Kundalini Yoga and the Shiva Sutras. Our 300-hour yoga teacher training in Vienna offers a special opportunity to explore the profound teachings of tantra and the Shiva Sutras. Our aim is to connect yoga to you and modern life, our approach resonates with those who want to life fully and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming an true yoga teacher.

Embrace the Power of Kundalini Yoga and Shiva Sutras in Vienna

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our 300-hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Vienna. Our comprehensive and advanced program is tailored to resonate with young adults seeking to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga. By offering a modern and engaging approach to yoga, our training connects to what is needed and important today. A key aspect of our advanced program is the study of the Shiva Sutras, a powerful set of aphorisms that reveal the secrets of tantric philosophy and offer invaluable insights into the hidden dimensions of life.

The Significance of Shiva Sutras in Today's World:

The Shiva Sutras are a collection of 77 aphorisms that serve as a foundational text for the study of tantra and Kashmir Shaivism. These sutras, attributed to the sage Vasugupta, delve into the nature of consciousness and the path to self-realization. By incorporating the study of the Shiva Sutras into our 300-hour yoga teacher training, we provide our students with an opportunity to explore the rich world of tantric philosophy. A philosophy that aims to embrace life and take every situation as a path to self-realization.

Unlocking the Wisdom of Tantric Philosophy:

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition that seeks to harness the power of day-to-day experiences and the human body to attain spiritual growth. By studying the Shiva Sutras and other foundational texts, our students will develop a deep understanding of the principles and practices of tantra. This knowledge allows them to integrate these teachings into their own lives and share them with their students.

Our Engaging 300-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training:

At our yoga school in Vienna, we offer a flexible and comprehensive 300-hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training program that caters to the needs of our students. Our curriculum is divided into five modules, each focusing on a different aspect of yoga, from philosophy and history to asana and meditation.

One of the highlights of our program is the final module, which delves into the world of tantra, the Shiva Sutras, and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. This module offers an unparalleled opportunity for students in Vienna to explore the mysticism of tantric philosophy and meditation.

Embark on Your Transformative Journey:

If you're a person with a strong heart, eager to make the world a better place, and thirsty for a fulfilling life, our 300-hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training is the perfect opportunity to support you on your path. By immersing yourself in these special teachings of the Shiva Sutras and other foundational texts, you'll not only gain invaluable insights into the world of tantra but also develop the skills and knowledge to share these teachings with others.

Visit us and simply explore the magic of this unique Yoga.