matsya yoga Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe
Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe

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Hello dear great Yogis!

We do our best to give great yoga classes and yoga courses here in Vienna, but in order to stay good and eventually to become better we are actually eager to learn what you think about our yoga teacher trainings and yoga courses. Kundalini and Hatha yoga is a wide field, and people are different and everyone perceives a different aspect of what is taught, however. The more one knows about ones own teaching the more one can understand ones self and the yoga taught. Giving yoga is a dance between what you want to receive and what we can give, the better that dance between the teacher and student, the better the whole party ;-). So help us to dance better, your feedback is welcome!

Feedback for our Yoga Courses and Yoga Trainings
Happyness with the classHappyness with the class
Was it clean enough?Was it clean enough?
Guidance in the classGuidance in the class
What would you like to learn more about?
LOVE rating ;-)LOVE rating ;-)

THANK you so much!

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