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Wherever the mind moves, whether outwards or inwards, God pervades everything, so where else could the mind go?

- vijñānabhairavatantra -

Our Great Teachers

Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe

Lead Trainer
Clemens Biedrawa E-RYT500

Clemens Biedrawa is a dedicated Yoga practitioner and experienced yoga teacher. He started to practice meditation when he was 16 years old. He completed many different trainings in Yoga. He learned Kundalini Yoga following the lineage of Dhirendra Brahmachari in Europe, and Swami Stayananda in India. He also accomplished a RYT 500 hours yoga training in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga from Swami Vidyanand and Yogacharia Sanjeev Pandey. In the year 2017 he started to train yoga teachers in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.


Clemens founded the Matsya Kundalini Yoga Academy, leads all yoga teacher trainings and wrote several books about yoga rendering his love for this practice.

Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe

Great Trainer
Naomi Hattler RYT200

Naomi practices Yoga because it is natural for her. 

Yoga is effortless because it happens with each breath one breaths. Naomi is also a Kakao dealer and specialist in the exploration of the landscapes of the Goddess through her gift the Theobroma cacao...


Live is a miracle and it must be explored. Whoever doesnt practice will never rip the full fruit of live.


Naomi is a truely great yoga teacher and she will share her great secret with you. She may be new in yoga but her soul is not.


Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe

Brilliant Trainer
Nora Sells RYT200

Nora creates a magical, energetic, dynamic and deep yoga practice for every levels.


Yoga courses for beginners and advanced practicioners. This practice activates and balances us. Here you discover the invigorating power of Kundalini yoga in an energetic and meditative way. Mantra, pranayama (breathing exercises) and dynamic asanas take us beyond our imagination, music helps us to dive even deeper. ​


Nora is a philosopher, magician, a role model for everyone and a person with a quest for truth.


Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe

Flowing Trainer
Dasha RYT500

Daria, also called Dasha is a special yoga teacher.

She practices since more than 10 years and can show experience and depth in the yoga teaching like no other.

Dasha is a brave traveler, both here and in what is beyond, she is attentive, smart, playful, honest and will make you journey with her.

Daria did her Yoga teacher training with renown teachers from all around the world. 


Travel with her and you will travel deep.


Feldenkrais Magician

Anne is a great Feldekrais practicioner, Yoga teacher and musician. 

She is a professional musician who learned Feldenkrais and Yoga to heal chronical physical ailmnets and mental stress. She feels deep, is playful and can travel with you in your own body and in the conscouness that resides witin.


Feldenkrais is a great partner of Yoga as it helps to deeply awaken the mind inside the body. This supports the deeply energizing effect of Yoga.

Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe

Yoga Master
Lucia Ramsonius 

Lucia is a professional Dancer and also studied Bhakti Yoga with Shri Chaitanya Saraswat Math and continued in India at the Jiva Institute under Satyanarayan Das Babaji. 

She is a certified relaxation technique, yoga teacher and Qigong trainer, with diplomas for Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, masseuse for sports and regenerative massages, certified Raindrop Technique Practitioner, and Amma Shiatsu Technique,  She  developed her own "Relaxer Technique".

She is a master of soul and body

Kundalini yoga teacher training Europe

Attentive Trainer
Hedwig RYT200

Hedwig follows the principles of a balanced and strong practice like it invokes health and clarity of mind in Hatha Yoga, she will guide you in a deep and profound practice. She did her Yoga teacher training in Hatha yoga with focus on Yoga for Health and Yoga Therapy.


Hedwig is loving and attentive. Attention is the key in growth and realization. Who pays attention becomes part of the world. Everything is already here.

Thank you Hedwig

Our Matsya Yoga Studio



Our beautiful yoga studio 1080 is situated in a charming Josephstadt in Vienna, right next to the city center. Surrounded by nice bars, parks and old spirit of the royal city of Vienna. Our yoga studio has a kitchen, a living room, a beautiful yoga room, dressing rooms, and toilets. It can offer a warm atmosphere in which you can feel home, because you ARE home.

The students who join the workshops or yoga teacher trainings can stay at our yoga studio at the time of the yoga training. We have no additional fee for this. Once at the studio the students are free to join all yoga courses.

Yogaraum - Yoga Studio
Yogaraum - Yoga Studio

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Hatha and Kundalini Yoga
Hatha and Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Studio Wien

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Yogaraum - Yoga Studio
Yogaraum - Yoga Studio

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