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Image by Samuel Ferrara

Rescue an Italian Village with yoga and heart.


We are planing tho revive an Italian Village with Yoga and Sustainable agriculture.

This project shall be Temple of Yoga, that contributes to the local culture as well as to the science of yoga and how it can be integrated in our modern world

We are gathering funds, people and ideas.

You are welcome to join!

anahata Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Newest Project updates

ALFASSA - Smart Cities is awaiting the volume of our initial funds,
so to be able to propose a site for the project. 

crowdfunding campaign is starting! To see it click here.


What is this about ?

WHAT - This year we discovered many abandoned settlements in the hillsides of largo d'Orta, ready to be consumed by the forces of nature. These abandoned places are precious and Italy is housing a part of the most important cultural heritage of Europe. Yet Italy shrinks for about 100.000 People every year. When we do not act and contribute a lot of the precious gifts of Italian soil, life and agriculture will be lost forever. Yet, the world, not only Italy is hungry for new ideas and radical visions of how to live sustainably. We can save Italy and also make these visions revive!

VISION - Our vision is the revive a small Italian settlement in the hillsides of the baeutiful largo d'Orta with the power of yoga and sustainable agriculture.

We believe that Italy will provide the right environment to support this creative and future oriented project. We will build a temple of yoga and a school for permaculture that shall dedicate itself not only to teaching and preservation of the science yoga, but also to its adaption and integration in the world of the 21st century. This project shall find ways to integrate health, spirituality, and sustainability in our world and Italy today.

NOW - We are already in contact with the Italian organisation Alfassa and the European Union to gather support for this big and important project. The European Union already agreed to found 20-80 percent of the projects costs. The project is actually fully planned and already rendered, all we need now are the initial funds to start.


YOU - The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to gather the initial funds of 200.00 Euros, so to start the project, but also to find people who want to contribute, with their heart, will and ideas. 

Everyone donating more than 2000 Euros to this project shall receive a YOGA ALLIANCE registered teacher training in return in Italy once the project is finished.
This is a promise - become a part of this vision

Further Information - crowdfunding 

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“The Prana goes out on the exhale; the Apana enters on the inhale, and it forms into a coiled spring of Mantric energy by the power of her will. That Great Goddess Kundalini extends and lengthens by that power. She is the highest place of ‘pilgrimage’, both transcendent and immanent.”

 - Vijnana Bhiarava Tantra - 

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