Diving into Yoga Nidra 42h YACEP

The science of Yoga Nidra is the exploration of the vibrant internal Landscape that is between the wakeful and the dreaming state, that is the vast mother of all experience. 

It is a Tantric science that that is the closest the our modern psychotherapy from all Yogas. It emerged from tantric Buddhist dream yoga and from the Nyasa Meditations. Yoga Nidra is similar to hypnosis as it uses intentional thought (Sankalpa) but it is also a Pratyahara practice, because it guides ones being in the internal lucid states between dreaming and waking.


Its purpose is to discover ones true mission.

Where, When, How ?


The training takes place in our Yogaji Studio in Vienna. We can make an individual schedule for your training that we integrate in our studio classes.

The training can therefore start anytime.

The training will be done intensive in 7 days and all studio classes can be attended!

The training fees are 850 euros, with or without accommodation in our studio.

We will not only discover the classical yoga Nidra after Satyananda but also deep relaxation and Mediatation practices how they were thought in our liniage. We will dive into the roots of Yoga Nidra and discover the Tantras and their techniques beyond. More than that we will practice yoga Nidra and deepen our practice in experience.

Yoga Nidra lives and grows in experience. When one is open to the unknown, the unknown can unfold as the miraculous discovery of ones self.

What is special about this training ?

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How is the daily schedule

8:00     Hatha Morning Sadhana

9:00     breakfast

9:30     Theory 

12:15   Noon class and Nidra

13:15   lunch break

14:00   Theory

15:15   Afternoon break

18:30 - 20:00   Evening class and Nidra

A brief history of Yoga and Philosophy of classical Yoga

The history of Tantra and philosophy of Tantra

The truth about Secrecy and Initiation.

Kundalini in Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama and Meditation

Mantra and Bija in Tantra 

The way of Tantric meditation and a practice guideline

You will also receive: 

A light on Tantra - 42h YACEP Certification

A Yogaji version of our Script - Light on Tantric Meditation

A Yogaji Version of The Shiva Samhita

A Yogaji version of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

A Yogaji Version of The 16th capter of Kubjikamatatantra

What is contained in the training 

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Hear now about Kubjini. Certainly, this name is suitable given....
...Just like anyone with a tall body moves about in a small house and just as he enters it with his body bent (Kubja),
 so is this Great Lady Kundalini

 - Kubjikamata Tantra - 

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‘Cessation’ (nirodha) of the mind was taught by previous masters like Patanjali through the yoga of renunciation [of the mind and senses] and arduous practice. Here I will teach a cessation that is effortless.

 - Svabodhodaya mañjarī - 

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One should contemplate simultaneously on the entire universe or on one's own body filled with the bliss of the self. Then through one's own inner nectar, one becomes alive with the supreme bliss.

 - Vijnana Bhiarava Tantra -