Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 200h


This training will take place in the beautiful mountains of south-france, Ardeche. We will enjoy original Yoga, Nature and the river. We offer Kundalini Yoga that is free from cultural residue and we let it stand alone in its beauty.

Kundalini Yoga is a Tantric science that is hidden in the scripture and from there spread into Hatha Yoga. We will discover this ancient scriptures from the Kaula tradition and find the goddess that is waiting to be discovered within.

Where, How ?

Where - The training takes place in the countryside of Saint-Michel-de-Chabrillanoux, in south-france. We have nature, figs, grapes, the river and the forrest. You are wellcome to dive in the teaching with us.

How - The training can be done intensive in 22 days, training fees are 2200 Euros for those sleeping in a tent or 2400 for people sleeping in one of the two stone houses.

Food and fun included.

 Kundalini Yoga Center Beauty

Next Trainingsdates (continually updated)

Kundalini 200h starting on 19. August - 9th September

Kundalini 200h starting on 24. August - 14th September

Kundalini 200h starting on 1. September.- 22nd September

Unlike in other Trainings we will take a closer look at the philosophical and spiritual source of yoga. In this manner we will not only discover the traditional texts of Yoga but we will also have a closer look into the root Tantras of Kundalini Yoga, which are surprisingly unknown today. I am truly excited to share its secrets with all true seekers.


We will discover a gentle way of practice, with Mantra and contemplative Meditation, its essence is simply devotion. In this new way of practice We will discover Kundalini as the Mantra Goddess and her energy in our hearts.

We take ourselves time for our students and guidance, we teach all year, this way you have small classes and can sink into the teaching.

What is special about this training ?

 Kundalini Yoga Food

How is the daily schedule

8:00     Kundalini morning Sadhana

9:00     breakfast

9:30     Theory 

12:15   Noon class

13:15   lunch break

14:00   Theory

15:15   Afternoon break

18:30 - 20:00   Evening class

 Kundalini Yoga Ceremony

History of Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga

History of Tantra, Philosophy of Tantra

Science of Kundalini, Yogic Anatomy and Mysticism

Asana, Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama and Meditation

Mantra and secret Bija

Yogic Live and Ethics

The Mystery of Kundalini Yoga and a practice guideline

You will also receive: 

A Kundalini Yoga and Hatha - 200h Yoga Alliance Diploma.

A Yogaji version of our Script

A Yogaji version of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

A Yogaji Version of The Triyoga Upanishad

A Yogaji version of Hatha Yoga Pradipika

A Yogaji Version of The Shiva Samhita

A Yogaji Version of Yoga Yajnavalkya

A Yogaji version of the Kumarikakhanda Chapter 4/5

A Yogaji version of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

What is contained in the training 

 Kundalini Yoga Love

Further Information 

Script - Table of Contents 

Here I offer a superficial look in the table of contents of my script. The subjects mentioned there are a fraction of what is to be thought in the Training

You have questions concerning the training? Simply contact us. 

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Want to know more about our way, look into the study material and download section

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“Kundalini is awakened during the practice of Yoga by the Apana Prana along with the fire, throbbing, shining brightly in the form of a snake in the internal space. Then the Prana is blown bright by Agni and it goes into the Sushumna.”

 - Yoga Yajnavalkya - 

DURGA Yantra gelb.jpg

“Focus the mind upon something that then dissolves. Not grasping anything else other than the dissolving object, the mind comes to rest in one’s Self.
It is similar to the case of a powerful thunder-clap gradually fading: when it dies away, the mind, due to being totally focused on it, comes to rest.”

 - Svabodhodaya mañjarī - 

DURGA Yantra gelb.jpg

“The Prana goes out on the exhale; the Apana enters on the inhale, and it forms into a coiled spring of Mantric energy by the power of her will. That Great Goddess Kundalini extends and lengthens by that power. She is the highest place of ‘pilgrimage’, both transcendent and immanent.”

 - Vijnana Bhiarava Tantra -