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Why a Yoga Retreat in Europe is the Best Vacation!

Why an International Yoga Retreat is the Best Vacation!

Kundalini yoga retreat Italy Europe

My dream with this great retreat in Europe, Italy is to be able to offer you the benefits of Kundalini, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga with meditations and goddess embodiment practices in beautiful locations around the world! Rather than being stuck in one place, in one yoga studio, join me in a journey around the world as we practice the asanas of yoga, luxuriate in soundbath meditations and explore embodiment practices through dance. Sometimes it’s important to stop and ask yourself: “Do I want to find yoga retreats near me or somewhere exotic and novel?” The beautiful thing about European yoga retreats is that you can have a meaningful and exciting cultural experience while also participating in a goddess yoga and kundalini yoga retreat at the same time. When you participate in an international yoga retreat, you also engage in wonderful local activities. And we always do our research beforehand so that you can get the most authentic experience possible. We are friends with locals who know where the best spots are for recreational activities and fine dining. And obviously our yoga classes are unparalleled. Ready to take a trip around the world? Let’s explore the international yoga retreats destinations we are sharing with you this year!

Experience Your Vacation Through a Yoga Retreat Europe

A yoga retreat in Europe might not be the first thing you think of when looking for the best European vacations. But let me tell you a secret – you’ll get two for the price of one. The truth is, our beautiful yoga escapes are always an all inclusive European vacation. Not only do you get to get fit and joyful by practicing the asanas of yoga, participating in healing meditations and chakra balancing activities, but you’ll also get to enjoy cultural activities in the afternoons. Because meals and housing are provided, you will actually wind up saving a lot of money compared to booking your hotel and activities separately. All you have to do is book your flight and you can leave the rest to us. It really is a great way of getting a cheap European vacation! Now there are a lot of amazing destinations in Europe and we understand that it might be hard to choose one location. Because we have a lot of experience and connections throughout Europe, we are able to find you the real gems. From pristine lakes, impressive mountains, jaw dropping World Heritage sites, and super fun cultural activities, we will always choose the most magical locations for your yoga retreat! So, if you’ve been dreaming of that European vacation, consider a yoga retreat in Italy this summer!

Discover Our Beautiful Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Italy

So, are you ready to become a yoga goddess? Join us for our yoga retreats 2022 season, beginning with our Lago d’Orta Yoga Italy 6 day journey to the goddess. This is sure to be one of the most special and magical yoga retreats in Europe.

Kundalini yoga retreat Europe Italy

Italy is an amazing country with nature, history and incredible culture. The people are fun loving and vivacious and you will always have a good time if you know where to go! In the summer months the weather is fantastic and you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. From water sports like swimming, boating and kayaking, to mountain biking and hiking, there are tons of things to do.

Join us in the Land of the Dragons for this most special yoga retreat, Italy, where you will be surrounded by Alpine mountains, the crystalline waters of Lag d’Orta – Europe’s cleanest lake, while living in the sanctuary of Casa dei Padri, an amazing private villa.

We can’t wait to see you there, and stay tuned, because next, we will share with you yoga retreats in Mexico and beyond. But first, let’s get started with this amazing European adventure. Namaste!

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