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Why I will not do an online training

Updated: May 31, 2020

... I was asked already many times now

Yoga is an intimate science, this means it is something that happens below the surface in a space inside of you, that one can hardly talk about. We can talk about techniques and exercise, but we cannot talk about the yoga that happens inside of you, because it is unspeakable and can not be spoken about, it is beyond words...

sometimes it can be felt in the presence of the teacher, who incorporates it, or in the power of the asana. It is always felt in your own presence. But it is never felt in the presence of words alone... the more we reduce the contact to another, the more we reduce contact to the living teaching. What good should that do ? And why should you do it ?

Is it impatience that you cannot wait till the right time is here ? Impatience is no virtue.

Is is greed that you want to posses everything now? And greed has no peace.

Is it laziness, that you don’t want to get of your couch? And laziness has no fire.

Is it fear of a virus? fear will not save you from death.

Do I offer such a training to make more money in corona times, feeding all these needs, NO.

I wait till the time is right. and we can sit together, as friends, next to another and share this precious silence.

Namaste ! yours, Clemens

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