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What justifies the price for a teacher training?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I was asked this question in conversation with a student and I think it is question worth discussing ... There are actually several reasons which justify a price like this.

First, a teacher training is not a workshop, so it is not for pure pleasure, but it is actually a full educational program. Many times it is done also non-intensive- over a whole year, where it’s character as a full education is even more visible. This includes also a certification that is acknowledged by Yoga Alliance USA.

Most people do not know that we as the holders of schools have to pay yearly registry fees for your school licenses. That we have to approve the quality of our teaching regularly and are controlled by this institution. It is therefore a serious matter to offer a training and not just the transmission of ones own favor for yoga, we are a university in a certain manner ;).

Also many schools around Europe work very hard to offer high quality programs in which years and years of hard work were invested. These schools within Europe have employees and have to maintain their infrastructure and constant availability. It is often greed from schools abroad to attract students from the west with very low cost and quality trainings so to simply make some fast money. As I am in Europe I have the duty to keep a certain quality up, not only for me but also for the others. I must not dump the price of such a precious education.

I very often pondered around the thought if I should offer my trainings cheaper, but it seemed irresponsible to offer a Training under 2200 euros. I have to respect the quality and work of yoga within central Europe, therefore I cannot advertise a training under this amount.

Interestingly there is also another reason that makes this price justified, this reason is even valid when all the others wouldn't exist, I am confident most people neglect that. ;-)

Money is work and work is effort. Effort in return is attention and will, and this is passion. Whenever people work and put effort into the works result, the result of the work - may it be money or any product created - is carrying that passion and will in its essence. When someone paints a picture for example, that person will love that picture in that degree in which he has invested work. On the other hand a great picture given for free will likely suffer the destiny of collecting dust in the cellar ...

Somehow and in a magical way the energy once invested in any object, also money, never gets lost. If a very precious training, like this one, is now offered for a high price, the passion and will contained in the price alone will facilitate ones will to dive into the teaching. In other words, the hard work inside this money will become the hard work necessary of becoming a great teacher.

If you doubt this, I sadly have to tell you, that in this matter I was proven right many times in my live. I have given trainings for free and also with great discounts. My experience was often one and the same - people who receive the training cheaper will either cancel their training, stop unsatisfied or not work with the necessary passion (tapas) during the training.

The question here somehow becomes a different one - not if this price is justified, but which price actually reflects the inner value of the training...

All in all we can be grateful to pay this price, to support yoga and to make its value visible.

Yours Namaste!


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