No worries about Covid 19! ;-)

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In Austria we are lucky, we have the virus very well under control, all Infos about our activities here..

Workshops and training like always

Workshops and trainings are not influenced by COVID at the moment, usually I choose small groups to teach, as this allows to go deeper into the knowledge. I choose trainings of under 10 persons per class, we share an open and humorous atmosphere. This class size is also allowed by the current COVID restrictions.

We cover the costs for a PCR test, if necessary

If you come from abroad, it is possible to enter Austrian territory since beginning of march. If the situation should worsen again. A negative PCR test in your home country is sufficient to let you enter the country. Such a test costs about 120 euros and is easily available. If you want to join one of our summer trainings and a PCR test should be necessary, we will cover the costs for you ;-)

No masks during classes

Austria is in a very fortunate position in the COVID-19 crisis, new infection rates are extremely low and measurements could be loosened in favor of all yoga practitioners. Therefore the head organisation of Yoga teachers in Austria has announced that carrying a mask inside a Yoga studio is not obligatory anymore.

According to the new legislative (BGBl. II Nr. 287/2020 6. COVID-19-LV-Novelle) and BYO (Association of Yoga teachers Austria) even social distancing during the Yoga classes of one meter is NOT mandatory anymore since the 1st of July.

The Yoga classes and training sessions can take place almost like before the crisis!

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