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Feldenkrais and Yoga in Vienna

What is Feldenkrais?
Feldenkrais Yoga teacher training

Feldenkrais is integration of consciousness into the body, similar to the asana practice in yoga and kundalini yoga. How was developed by the Israeli Moshé Feldenkrais (1904-1984) in the mid-20th century. The method is said to reorganize the connections between the mind and body, improving body movement and mental state. In this respect, this powerful method is similar to yoga in many areas, where it is also about the deeper connection of the mind to the body.

The Feldenkrais Method is an integrative movement therapy. When attention is the focus. Neurologically, it may work by repairing disrupted connections between the motor cortex and the body, improving the quality of body movement and enhancing well-being. of course man experiences himself through the body, so when the connection between the mind and the body is strengthened. The entire experience of the world will be intensified.

Feldenkrais Yoga teacher training

According to David Gorski, the Feldenkrais Guild of North America claims that the Feldenkrais Method enables people to "rediscover their innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement" and that "these improvements often have an impact on general condition, on all functions of life in all aspects". Proponents claim that the Feldenkrais Method can benefit people with a range of medical conditions, including children with autism and people with multiple sclerosis.

What does Feldenkrais have to do with yoga or Kundalini Yoga?

Both yoga and Feldenkrais create a space, in a yoga class or a Feldenkrais therapy setting, in which one can get in touch with the world through the body. This space is not just a physical yoga class, it is also a causal inner space. A space, no matter where, that enables a certain inner experience like in Kundalini Yoga. Creating this yoga space is opening and can lead to an intense inner experience.

All that we are comes about the moment the conscious self comes into contact with the world. This happens in every yoga class, but also in every moment of your daily being there. This moment of contact is magical, it is the moment of integration of consciousness and thus of the world becoming real.

Two ways of integrating consciousness
Feldenkrais Yoga teacher training
Anne Ristorchelli Feldenkrais

Modern yoga basically uses two ways to establish contact between man and the conscious experience of himself in the world. The first path is the path of awareness in which focus and attention is given to what is happening in the body, this moment of attention is very similar to Feldenkrais practice and leads to a realization of the Self.

Whenever we experience a yoga class in Vienna and the yoga teacher reminds us to breathe deeply and concentrate into the yoga practice, then this moment is the moment of integration through attention. This focus is often used in hatha or postural alignment yoga.

The second approach to yoga, as found in Kundalini Yoga, is the awakening of power in the body, which awakens awareness through the intensity of the experience. Whenever bandas or mudras are used in Kundalini Yoga and an intensity of power is felt. Is this technique close. In tantra this process would be called the invocation of the highest energy, which as mentioned in the Vijnana Bahirava Tantra is the face of Shiva, i.e. the gateway to consciousness.

This approach of awakening the power to experience consciousness is different from the way Feldenkrais works. But Feldenkrais provides the basis of practice that helps one to better integrate the experience of power in yoga.

Feldenkrais is therefore a good partner for yoga. A basis of conscious perception.

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