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Best Yoga Classes Near Me - 5 Tips for Finding the Best Yoga Classes While Traveling

Updated: May 15

I travel a lot, and I mean a lot. And after sitting on the train or plane for hours, there's nothing better than a great yoga class to loosen things up, get me back on my center and bring peace and serenity to my being - body, mind, and soul. But is it enough to just type in "best yoga classes near me?" Because who is actually deciding which studio is best? And how do we know that the search ranking has anything to do with quality?

The truth is that we don't! So, I'm going to give you a few tips for finding the best "outdoor yoga near me" or the best "yoga therapy near me" without just relying on google. Here are 5 best practices for finding that great yoga workshop or yoga class while you are on vacation or traveling for business.

  1. Look for a Yoga Alliance Certification

  2. Read Through the Google Maps Check-ins and Reviews

  3. Look for Pictures of the Studio with Real Students Taking Class

  4. Read the Bios of the Yoga Masters

  5. Location, Location, Location of the Yoga Studio

Look for a Yoga Alliance Certification

Whether you're looking for a yoga workshop, a yoga class, or even a yoga teacher training, all of the same basic principles apply. The first and most important thing is to make sure that the yoga studio is a Yoga Alliance Certified School or "RYS." Yoga studios have to go through a rigorous evaluation to be certified as an RYS institution, and it guarantees that you'll be working with serious yoga instructors.

An RYS certification means that the yoga studio is qualified to do teacher trainings, meaning they are able to bestow a person with teacher credentials. This means they are worth their salt when it comes to their organization as a whole, and it's a great thing to look for when vetting your yoga studio.

Read Through the Google Maps Check-ins and Reviews

Google maps is a great place to find reviews of actual students who have actually been to the studio in person. There are a lot of fake reviews and testimonials out there, so its nice to know that some reviews are a bit more reliable. Google can see from your GPS whether you were really at a place or not, so it makes them a little more reliable, as opposed to businesses that are using reviews to advertise their own services.

So, next time you type "best yoga classes near me" into that search bar, be sure to click on google maps while you're at it. You can gain a lot of insight in terms of how many people have actually been there and what their experience was like. Plus, a lot of people post photos to google maps as well, which can give you a unique and authentic perspective of the yoga studio your'e considering.

Look for Pictures of the Studio with Real Students Taking Class

If you don't find real pictures of real students taking class on the google maps page, try finding some on the yoga studio website. Anyone can buy stock photos of people doing yoga, or hire models to do a shoot for their website, but that doesn't tell you anything about the kinds of students the yoga studio is turning out.

When you see real pictures of real students - not just photoshopped perfect shots from a professional photographer - you can get a real sense of the people behind the studio. Are they smiling? Are they happy? Are they well trained and working hard? These are all important insights that can give you a real feel for what the yoga classes or yoga workshops will be like.

Read the Bios of the Yoga Masters

So, you've typed in all of your various searches from "yoga therapy near me" to "outdoor yoga near me" and now you have your short list. You found a couple of yoga studios nearby and you saw some good reviews and happy smiling faces. Now what?

Do your research, baby! Another important thing to do is to read the bios of the yoga teachers at your yoga studio of choice. It matters where a yogi studied. Was it in India with a real guru? Was it at a Yoga Alliance Certified School? What kind of yoga did your teacher study? Was it Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga or something else?

Be sure to do your homework in your search for that perfect yoga workshop or class. Whether you're looking for private yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for beginners, or yoga classes for ladies - be sure your teacher trained in the thing you want to learn! It sounds obvious, but it's actually a really important part of finding the best yoga studio and yoga classes in your area.

Location, Location, Location of the Yoga Studio

This one might seem really obvious, but if you're traveling, you may not have a car. Is your yoga studio close to public transportation? Can you get there easily? And are there restaurants or parks in the area that you can relax and enjoy your lunch at after class? These are all things that make for a wonderful traveling yoga experience.

And since I'm here, might I recommend Matsya Yoga for your next yoga class in Vienna? You are sure to find lots of smiling faces, qualified teachers and great yoga classes at this Yoga Alliance Certified school. And there are wonderful and beautiful places to relax nearby, from the delicious Cafe Merkur to the stunning and vibrant Volksgarten.

Much Love,

Vaness - your friendly traveling yogi

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