Light on Tantric Meditation


Tantra is mostly misunderstood here in the west, it is often seen as a conglomerate of sexualized spiritual practices, in reality the traditional Tantra is a way to embrace the human being in its totality and to transform every day to day experience into a moment of realization. This world, who is the Goddess is the means for achieving this oneness. The Goddess is all forms. Therefore she is also you, so every moment of your life can be your stairway to realization.

Tantra is an invaluable gift for world and the heart. 

Where, When, How ?

We will discover and read into the most influencial texts of left handed Tantra, wich were handed down to us through the centuries. These texts are hard to comprehend and only in presence of the teacher they an be understood correctly. We will discover the attitude, philosophy and secrets of these beautiful traditions. We will get to know and embrace the meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava and practice Mudras, Mantra and Asana.


After this course you will understand what is Tantra profoundly, you will have the knowledge necessary to continue the way on your own and to immerse you into this unspeakable beauty. 

What is special about this training ?

How is the daily schedule

8:00     Kundalini morning Sadhana

9:00     breakfast

9:30     Theory 

12:15   Noon class

13:15   lunch break

14:00   Theory

15:15   Afternoon break

18:30 - 20:00   Evening class

The training takes place in our Yogaji Studio in Vienna. We can make an individual schedule for your training that we integrate in our studio classes.

The training can therefore start anytime.

The training will be done intensive in 5 days and all studio classes can be attended!

The training fees are 650 euros, with or without accommodation in our studio.

Next Trainingsdates (continually updated)

Light on Tantric Mediation starting on 26. June

Light on Tantric Mediation starting on 20. Juli

Light on Tantric Mediation starting on 27. August. 

A brief history of Yoga and Philosophy of classical Yoga

The history of Tantra and philosophy of Tantra

The truth about Secrecy and Initiation.

Kundalini in Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama and Meditation

Mantra and Bija in Tantra 

The way of Tantric meditation and a practice guideline

You will also receive: 

A light on Tantra - 30h YACEP Certification

A Yogaji version of our Script - Light on Tantric Meditation

A Yogaji Version of The Shiva Samhita

A Yogaji version of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

A Yogaji Version of The 16th capter of Kubjikamatatantra

What is contained in the training 

Further Information 

Script - Table of Contents 

Here I offer a superficial look in the table of contents of my script. The subjects mentioned there are a fraction of what is to be thought in the Training

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Hear now about Kubjini. Certainly, this name is suitable given....
...Just like anyone with a tall body moves about in a small house and just as he enters it with his body bent (Kubja),
 so is this Great Lady Kundalini

 - Kubjikamata Tantra - 

‘Cessation’ (nirodha) of the mind was taught by previous masters like Patanjali through the yoga of renunciation [of the mind and senses] and arduous practice. Here I will teach a cessation that is effortless.

 - Svabodhodaya mañjarī - 

One should contemplate simultaneously on the entire universe or on one's own body filled with the bliss of the self. Then through one's own inner nectar, one becomes alive with the supreme bliss.

 - Vijnana Bhiarava Tantra - 

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