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Matsya Kriyās & more

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Introduction to Kriyās

Katarienka Kundalini Yoga

Kriya is an action, something one does, externally or internally. Kriya yoga is the first step for achieving the goal. In yogic philosophy the unlimited cosmic energy is blocked through the absence of kriyashakti- the universal power of action


A Kriya is that action that awakens that great power of action, it is the road to freedom ....


Introduction to Prānāyāma

Brahmari Pranayama

Asana is usually only practiced to ready oneself for pranyama. It is said that once a person is ready for pranyama, all of the benefits of asana can be attained with pranyama alone. pranyama is of crucial importance for all yogic practices, but most especially for Kundalini Yoga. 

This chapter is from the teacher trainig manual, a gift for you.


Mūlādhāra Kriyā

Muladhara Kundalini Yoga Chakra

The action for strengthening the mūlādhāra. Mūlādhāra is the golden fire of your presence, it is your will be to, the very basic strength and vitality. Perform alongside easy breathing pauses between the exercises.

60–90 minutes


svadhistana Kundalini Yoga Chakra

Svādhiṣṭhāna Kriyā

Svadhistana is vitality, movement, emotion and love. The more these waters are moved the stronger the spiritual endeavor. It will give live and remove energy blockages.

60–90 minutes. 

manipura Kundalini Yoga Chakra

Manipūra Kriyā

This Kriya is for the strength of the center. All power radiates from there, From there you determine the way. It is the vital breath that can hold the point. It is purifying and cleanses every pore of your body.


60–90 minutes 

unstruck sound Kundalini Yoga Chakra

Anāhata Kriyā

Anahata is the unstruck sound, the eternal flame. It is the place one should celebrate. It is home. It is reason. It is the reason to live. It is you. Celebrate this place.


60–90 minutes. 

vishuddha Kundalini Yoga Chakra

Viśuddha Kriyā

Vishuddha is spaciousness. It is like the top of the mountain here all is surrounded by the sky. The  sky is pure and wide, just like a crystal made from light. It is superiority. Freedom. Feel this clarity and expand.


60–90 minutes. 

Ajna Kundalini Yoga Chakra

Ājñā Kriyā

Ajña is the command. It is not only the place from which one commands one’s own being, but more the place from where one receives the command of the supreme. This command is your purpose of being. Meditative contemplation about your true mission of being is therefore the greatest Kriya of the command (ajna). 

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Pancha Prana Kriya

Available in the book - Light on Kundalini Yoga -

These are five Kriyas that are designed to awaken te five main energies of the Body - Apana, Samana, Maha, Udana, and Vyana. these five are connected to bodily functions and movements of consciousness.


25-60 minutes 

Vijnana Kundalini Yoga Chakra

Simple & True Mediations

These meditations are all creative contemplations, bhavana. They emphasize openness. They are shuddha vikalpa, a pure thought. They are a modification of mind but yet they lead to the true self. Behind the image is the true reality, the one state of being. 


Pandey ji Prana Series

Available in the book - Light on Kundalini Yoga -

Everything starts with the belly, when the diaphragm is open the energy from the lower centers can rise to the heart. This is the transformation from the lower triangle to the higher. If the diaphragm is closed there can be no success in yoga This Kriya will give you the power to shine and make you rise effortlessly..


Approximately 60 minutes. 


Svāmī Vidyanand Sādhana

Available in the book - Light on Kundalini Yoga -

This sadhana was given to connect to the energy of divine mother, it is gentle and loving. It must be performed with devotion, then it will cover you with the warm hand of your ever expanded being. It will calm you, accelerate your healing processes and balance the mind. 

60–90 minutes. 

SV_Pūrna Bhuja Śakti Vikāsaka.png

The Sukshma Vyayama

Available in the book - Light on Kundalini Yoga -

Dhirendra Brahmacharis Sukshma Vyayama-

The root of western Kundalini Yoga.

With Illustratios showing Dhirendra Brahmachari from his original work the Yogic Suksma Vyayama from 1975


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“By practice of Pranayama the dross of the nadis are eliminated from the body through the many channels. It can be concluded that the toxins in the body are removed if one’s inhalation exhalation and retention are long, even and effortless.”

 - Yoga Rahasya - 

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