Mountain Lake

Sukshma Vyayama

Master - Rainer Neyer


3 Days Weekend Workshop - 2-4th October

This Workshop is YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®),

this means this course is eligible for 30 hours of continuing education.

The Yoga master Rainer Neyer will give us the chance to experience the original Kundalini Yoga from the tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari, Rainer Neyer is a student of Reinhard Gammenthaler, the last descendant of Brahmachari. This is the Kundalini Yoga how Bhajan learnt it. It is pure, ascetic, true and beautiful. Walk this journey with us. I will be a student, just like you. lets honor the master !


This workshop will be held in German. I can assist English speaking students with translations.


Where, When, How ?

The training takes place in our Yogaji Studio in Vienna.


The training will be done intensive in 3 days on the weekends, starting on Friday evening till Sunday evening. Friday morning and noon classes can be visited in this workshop as well, but are not mandatory. 

The training fees for the whole Weekend are 280 Euros, with or without accommodation in our studio.

Saturday or Sunday:    € 150,--

Friday evening:   € 80,--

It is not possible anymore to stay at the studio, all beds are booked...

What is special about this training ?

This training is a rare chance to learn original Kundalini Yoga from the traditions. 
Contents :

The Yogic-Sukma Vyayama

Breathing techniques like Bhastrika, Ajagari and more.

Bandhas, Mudras and Asana of Kundalini Yoga.

YACEP and daily schedule

*18:00 - 21:00 Evening class - Kundalini

*08:00 Sadhana 
*09:00 Breakfast
*10:00 Orginal Kundalini Yoga
*13:00 Lunch break
*14:00 Orginal Kundalini Yoga
*17:00 Afternoon break

*08:00 Sadhana 
*09:00 Breakfast
*10:00 Orginal Kundalini Yoga
*13:00 Lunch break
*14:00 Orginal Kundalini Yoga
*17:00 Afternoon break

30 h YACEP are distributed as follows

Techniques & Practice                18 hours

Teaching Methodology              1 hour 

Yogic Anatomy                            1 hours

History & Philosophy                  2 hours

Philosophy - home readings      8 hours

What is contained in the training 

A three day workshop with master Rainer Neyer. Practice and experience of the original tradition like transmitted through Dhirendra Brahmachari, a very rare chance.

Neyer told me, he will focus on practice alone, no talking but experiencing- tough and beautiful.

You will also receive:


A matsya version of the Suksha Vyayama

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“Kundalini is awakened during the practice of Yoga by the Apana Prana along with the fire, throbbing, shining brightly in the form of a snake in the internal space. Then the Prana is blown bright by Agni and it goes into the Sushumna.”

 - Yoga Yajnavalkya - 

“Focus the mind upon something that then dissolves. Not grasping anything else other than the dissolving object, the mind comes to rest in one’s Self.
It is similar to the case of a powerful thunder-clap gradually fading: when it dies away, the mind, due to being totally focused on it, comes to rest.”

 - Svabodhodaya mañjarī - 

“The Prana goes out on the exhale; the Apana enters on the inhale, and it forms into a coiled spring of Mantric energy by the power of her will. That Great Goddess Kundalini extends and lengthens by that power. She is the highest place of ‘pilgrimage’, both transcendent and immanent.”

 - Vijnana Bhiarava Tantra -