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Chakras Workshop
A Journey through the Chakras 



Chakras Workshop - Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®


This 5 day Workshop is YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®),
this means this course is eligible for 30 hours of continuing education.
A journey through the Chakras is a journey to yourself.
All that you are, can be found in these places. You will find doors through which you can expand your live, your experience, yourself. We will discover new and surprising perspectives on these ancient centers, perspectives that you will not have heard before. This course is for advanced practitioners as well as complete beginners. 




Next Trainingsdates

Starting on Monday- 15th of November 2021, Matsya Studio, Vienna

Starting on Monday- 10th of January 2022, Matsya Studio, Vienna


Where, When, How ?

The training takes place in my Matsya Studio in Vienna or abroad (see above). Shelter and home included. 


The training will be done intensive in 5 days during the week, starting on Monday and ending on Friday evening.

The training fees are 500 euros. All learning material included.

Kundalini Yoga taeching
Ajna Kundalini Yoga Meditation

What is special about this training ?

We discover the Chakras, though history and traditional textual references. This we do so to understand their original meaning. Understanding their source will make it easier to actually dive into their magic. Of course the Chakras are centers that live in your inner perception and can therefore not be sufficiently explained by words alone. This is why we will aim for experiencing them at least as much as we learn.

We will discover, their mystery, practices, meditations, excercieses and Yantra.  

YACEP and daily schedule


08:00–09:00  Kundalini Sadhana

Time for breakfast

09:30–12:15  Theory

12:15–13:15  Hatha Yoga

Lunch break

14:00–15:30  Theory

Afternoon break

18:30–20:00  Evening Class

30 h YACEP are distributed as follows

Techniques & Practice                9 h
Teaching Methodology              2 h 
Yogic Anatomy                            5 h
History & Philosophy                  6 h
Philosophy - home readings      8 h


anahata Kundalini Yoga Meditation
 Kundalini Yoga Meditation

What is contained in the training 

History and Philosophy of Yoga and Tantra in brief
Kundalini, Prana and Kosha
The science of the Chakras,
Their History, Meaning and Importance
The 7 Chakras of the Kaubjika Tradition
Choosen Asanas, Mudras, Bandhas, Pranayamas and Meditations
as well as Bijas

You will also receive: 
A Journey through the Chakras - 30h Yoga Alliance Diploma.
A Yogaji version of our Chakras Script.
A Yogaji version of The Yoga Kundalini Upanishad.
A Yogaji version of Sat Chakra Nirupana.
A Yogaji Version of The Shiva Samhita.


Tree of life Yoga

Further Information 

Script - Table of Contents 
Here I offer a superficial look in the table of contents of my script. The subjects mentioned there are a fraction of what is to be thought in the Training

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This training is multilingual, usally I teach in German, as most students are german speaking, but because most texts and my booklet are only available in english, basic skills in english are mandatory.

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“Kundalini is awakened during the practice of Yoga by the Apana Prana along with the fire, throbbing, shining brightly in the form of a snake in the internal space. Then the Prana is blown bright by Agni and it goes into the Sushumna.”

 - Yoga Yajnavalkya - 

DURGA Yantra gelb.jpg

“Focus the mind upon something that then dissolves. Not grasping anything else other than the dissolving object, the mind comes to rest in one’s Self.
It is similar to the case of a powerful thunder-clap gradually fading: when it dies away, the mind, due to being totally focused on it, comes to rest.”

 - Svabodhodaya mañjarī - 

DURGA Yantra gelb.jpg

“The Prana goes out on the exhale; the Apana enters on the inhale, and it forms into a coiled spring of Mantric energy by the power of her will. That Great Goddess Kundalini extends and lengthens by that power. She is the highest place of ‘pilgrimage’, both transcendent and immanent.”

 - Vijnana Bhiarava Tantra -