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Yoga Teacher Training
Hatha & Kundalini Yoga

300h Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training
yacep Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 300h YOGA ALLIANCE®

In our 300h advanced training, we rediscover Kundalini Yoga as a powerful part of our ancient Hatha traditions. We dive deeply into the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Dhirendra Brahmacharis Sukshma Vyayam and the Maha Mudra. On the philosophical side we explore the secret science of the Siva Sutras and the Vjnana Bjairava Tantra.

Individual training schedule possible.

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This training is multilingual, we teach in English and German. Basic skills in English are required.

Trika Yantra Kundalini Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training

Next Training dates

Individual schedule possible - All year through.

Starting date for the intensive training in 42 days in Vienna is the, 10th of October 2022

Training costs: 3600 Euros in Vienna

All prints and learning materials included.

Where and How?


The yoga teacher trainings takes place in our home base in Vienna in our Matsya Studio in Florianigasse 16, 1080 Wien. You can find all confirmed dates in the schedule above.


The 300 hours Kundalini Yoga teacher training can be done in an intensive 6-week course. For people living in Vienna an individual schedule can be adapted and one can do the training also throughout the year. For people who join the training throughout the year, all courses and classes can be visited during their training period.

When you join the training you will receive a beautiful Matsya script and numerous beautiful handouts which are of course included in the course fee. 

Training costs are 3600 Euros with or without accommodation in our Studio, if accommodation is possible depends on the current booking condition.

In the end of the training you will be certified YOGA ALLIANCE 300h-RYT®

Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training
What is special about this training ?
Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training

Deep Kundalini Yoga practice is the foundation upon which our yoga rests, but unlike other trainings we will still take a closer look at the philosophical and spiritual source of yoga. In this manner we will not only discover the traditional texts of Yoga, but we will also have a closer look into the root tantras of the Kundalini Yoga tradition, these texts are surprisingly unknown today. I am truly excited to share its secrets with all true seekers.


In my opinion it is of uttermost importance to ground your way into practice with firm knowledge about the traditions. This knowledge will give every graduate of this school the strength to continue his own journey firmly and safely.


This training follows a long tradition of Yoga going back Satyananda and the tantric lineage of Laksmanjoo. This training incorporates both the beauty and power of Hatha Yoga, as well as the energy and passion of Kundalini. The essence of this teaching is simply your own heart – your most important teacher.

How will our days look like?

8:00     Kundalini Morning Sadhana
9:00     Breakfast
9:30     Theory 
12:15   Noon Yoga
13:15   Lunch break
14:00   Theory (2x weekly)
15:15   Afternoon break
18:30   Evening class until 20:00

Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training

What is contained in the training? 

Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training

History of Yoga | Philosophy of Yoga | History & Philosophy of Tantra | Science of Kundalini | Yogic Anatomy & Mysticism | Asana | Mudra | Bandha | The Sukshma Vyayam and Maha Mudra | An exploration of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and the Shiva Sutras | Mantra and secret Bija | Yogic Live and Ethics | The Mystery of Kundalini Yoga and a practice guideline

You will also receive: 
A Kundalini Yoga and Hatha - 300h Yoga Alliance Diploma
A detailed Yoga Matsya Script
A Yoga Matsya version of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
A Yoga Matsya version of Hatha Yoga Pradipika
A Yoga Matsya version of The Shiva Samhita
A Yoga Matsya version of Yoga Yajnavalkya
A Yoga Matsya version of the Kumarikakhanda Chapter 4/5
A Yoga Matsya version of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

A Yoga Matsya version of Siva Sutras


Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training

Further Information 

Script - Table of Contents 
Here, I offer a superficial look in the table of contents of the texbook. 

You have questions concerning the Hatha and Kundalini Yoga training? Simply contact us. 

Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher training
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“Kundalini is awakened during the practice of Yoga by the Apana Prana along with the fire, throbbing, shining brightly in the form of a snake in the internal space. Then the Prana is blown bright by Agni and it goes into the Sushumna.”

 - Yoga Yajnavalkya -